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Below you will find everything you require to check-in for your flight at Dublin Airport


Check-in areas

Terminal 1

The check-in desks in Terminal 1 are located on the first floor of the building.

Terminal 2

The check-in desks in Terminal 2 are located on the ground floor of the building.



Checkin T2

Please note:
To save time, have your tickets and passport ready, and ensure your hand luggage contains only the items you may need during your journey.  Ensure that carry on luggage does not contain any liquids, gels or pastes that exceed 100ml.

Check-in times

As a general guide:

  • Dublin Airport would advise passengers to arrive at check-in at least 90 minutes prior to European flights and to factor in a further 30 minutes if parking a car
  • Please consult with your airline for check-in times for your flight as times vary
  • Some airlines also offer an evening-before bag drop service 

Self-service and online check-in

Self-service check-in kiosks are available to passengers departing from the Airport travelling with certain airlines. A number of scheduled airlines offer self-service check-in and internet check-in technologies in order to facilitate their passengers with early check-in, seat selection and issue of boarding passes. Airline employees should be on hand if you require any assistance with the self-service kiosks.

Please Note:
Online check-in passengers must proceed through security screening areas as normal. Please allow plenty of time to proceed through security screening.

Please refer to the flight information screens located after security screening throughout the shopping and boarding areas. These screens list flight departures for your destination, boarding time and gate number.