US Preclearance Facility

A time saving service for US bound passengers

US Preclearance at Dublin Airport

The US Preclearance (USCBP) facility at Terminal 2 in Dublin Airport is a purpose built facility that allows US bound passengers to undertake all US immigration, customs and agriculture inspections at Dublin Airport prior to departure.

Dublin Airport is one of only a handful of airports outside North America that offers a US Preclearance facility. The benefit is that having cleared USCBP, passengers arriving in the US are treated as domestic arrivals, allowing them to avoid immigration queues upon arrival and pick up their bags and go.

In addition, this benefits onward connecting passengers in the US who will have their baggage checked through to their final destination.

Dublin Airport US Pre-clearance

Before US Preclearance 

  1. Check-in with your airline as normal
  2. Go through Dublin Airport security screening
  3. Make your way to the US Preclearance area
Passengers in Terminals in Summer Time
Departures Gates

US Preclearance in 3 easy steps

  1. Complete TSA security screening (this is the American security screening standard)
  2. Self-process using one of our 18 self–service kiosks. These are available to US citizens and ESTA* passengers. US Citizens transaction time is 40 seconds and ESTA passengers  80 seconds at the kiosks.
    -  Scan your passport
    -  Have your photo taken
    -  ESTA passengers: scan your fingerprints
    -  Approval receipt is issued
  3. Now present your approval receipt and passport to a US Preclearance of officer for a brief inspection

Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) for travel to the US

Passengers who plan to travel to the US are required under the US Visa Waiver Programme to apply for travel authorisation online prior to travel.

The electronic system for travel authorisation (ESTA) can be completed here.

Passengers will require an approved ESTA prior to boarding. An approved ESTA is valid for up to two years and multiple entries but is not a guarantee of admissibility. An ESTA application is subject to a charge - for more information, see here.


Permitted food items

There are restrictions on food items that can be brought in to the US, this includes products that can be bought in Dublin Airport prior to presenting at US Preclearance. For full details, see here.

In order to avoid delays we suggest that all food items be carried in hand luggage, declared and presented for inspection at the USCBP facility at Dublin Airport.

For further information, please visit the US Embassy in Dublin's website.