Additional Facilities

All the facilities and services you might need at Dublin Airport

Left Luggage and Baggage Storage Facility

Baggage storage is now available from Excess Baggage in the Terminal 1 arrivals hall. The facility also provides Travel accessories, Luggage for purchase, Bag Wrapping with purpose built Bag Wrap machines, Worldwide and local shipping, SIM cards and a variety of onward travel and tour tickets.

Contact Number: +353 87 2163202

Email: dublin@excess-baggage.com

Opening hours: 05:00 - 23:00



Bag Wrapping Services

Bag Wrapping with purpose built Bag Wrap machines are now available in Terminal 1 Departures and Terminal 2 Departure. The facilities also provide Travel accessories and Luggage for Purchase.

Terminal 1 Departures
Contact Number: +353 86 777 8186
Opening hours: 04:00 - 20:00

Terminal 2 Departures
Contact Number: +353 86 142 6993
Opening hours: 04:00 - 20:00

Printing Services

Printing services are now available in all Left Luggage and Bag Wrapping locations. The service costs €6 per 20 pages, and is fully GDPR compliant. Items for printing must be emailed to an email address provided in store, and will be printed as emailed. All attachments will also be printed.


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Luggage at Dublin Airport


Luggage trolleys

For passenger convenience, baggage trolleys are available to use free of charge. They are located in 50 trolley bays throughout the airport complex

Trolley guidelines

  • Please don't overload trolleys
  • Please return trolleys to the nearest trolley bay after use
  • Never block walkways, exits, or roads
  • Trolleys can not be used on escalators

Wireless access

Dublin Airport is a Wifi Zone, offering free wireless broadband services throughtout its terminals.To use the Wifi internet access, find or enter the network name Dublin Airport Wi-Fi or eircom. A login page will appear and to get online simply click the continue to surf button.There is no signup or registration process.


E-Toll is the symbol for electronic tolling on the M50 motorway in Dublin. Electronic tolling allows motorists to use the M50 electronic tolling lanes.

How does electronic tolling work? 

If you register for electronic tolling, a small electronic tag is placed in the vehicle and is detected each time the vehicle passes through the plaza. The toll is then debited from the customer's account. The electronic tolling system automatically recognises the correct toll for the class of vehicle you are driving.

Alternatively, motorists can pass through the toll and pay later at an E-Toll payment facility. There are E-Toll payment facilities available at both terminals in Dublin Airport. In Terminal 2, you can pay your E-Toll in the Spar shop on the Arrivals level

Baby changing facilities

Baby changing facilities are available throughout Terminals 1 & 2

Baby chage signage
Meeting Point T2 medium

Meet & greet

If you are being met on arrival at the Dublin Airport, make sure that the people meeting you have the following information:

  • your flight number
  • where you departed from (airport not resort)
  • the time and date of your flight

They should also be aware that they may have to factor in additional time for customs, baggage claim etc., depending on where you were arriving from (e.g. USA).

A designated Meeting Point is located adjacent to the Information Desk in the Arrivals Level in Terminal 1 and adjacent to the Spar shop in the Arrivals Level in Terminal 2

Dublin Airport medical aid

daa employs staff fully trained in medical assistance. Anyone in need of emergency medical aid should seek the assistance of an Airport Police Officer or any member of the Dublin Airport staff.


The Airport pharmacy in Terminal 2 is located on the Departures Level after you go through security screening. Once you are through screening, all prescriptions can be fulfilled and over the counter medication is available in the Pure Pharmacy.

Opening hours

Open 7 days a week 05:00 to 18:00

Religious facilities

The Dublin Airport Church, Our Lady Queen of Heaven, is located within the Dublin Airport complex, situated in its own grounds, just one minute walk from the Arrivals Hall through the Short-Term Car Park Atrium. The Catholic Church was opened in 1964 and the present chaplain is Father Des Doyle. He may be contacted at:

Telephone: + 353 1 814 4340 or in the event of an emergency + 353 1 844 7283

Mass Times

Daily mass available Monday to Friday at 13:00
Sunday at 11:00


After each mass

Getting To The Church

You can find driving directions to the church by clicking on the following link - Driving route to Dublin Airport Church. Parking is for churchgoers only

Multi-Faith Prayer Room

The Multi-Faith Prayer Room in Terminal 2 is situated on the Departures Level just before the boarding card area. The purpose of this facility is to allow people of all faiths, religions and spirituality have a sanctuary to retreat to. However, it is important to note that the  users of this facility will be from many culturally diverse backgrounds and some basic guidelines should be followed when using the prayer room.

Please read the following guidelines carefully and take care to be aware of the religious sensibilities of others, which may be very different to your own.

Availability - 24 hours a day

  • The Multi-Faith Room should be considered a quiet space so all mobile phones to be switched off upon entry
  • Please remove your shoes and leave in the shoe rack
  • There are mats available for praying or alternatively you can use the chairs provided
  • Please do not place any notices in this space
  • Do not light candles or any incense in this room