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Cafés & Restaurants Safety Measures

While many aspects of your Dublin Airport experience will stay the same, we have put in place new measures in our restaurants and cafés for your safety and protection.

Please note: Cafés and restaurants located before Security Screening must adhere to Irish Government guidelines for indoor hospitality - only customers with proof of immunity (Digital COVID Cert) can consume food or drink on the premises. Seated customers will be required to provide their details for verification and contact tracing. Take away options are available for all customers. Masks must be worn at all times unless removed for eating or drinking. To find out what cafés and restaurants are currently open, click here.

What social distance and safety measures are in place in the restaurants and cafés in Dublin Airport?

  1. Social distancing is actively managed by floor markings and staff in our restaurants and cafés.
  2. Passengers are advised to use the hand sanitiser available on entry and exit of the food outlets.
  3. The seating layouts have also been augmented to ensure social distancing.
  4. There is a continuous cleaning regime in place at all restaurants and cafés.
  5. All passengers are required to use contactless payments where possible in our food outlets.
  6. Plexiglass screens have been installed at paypoints to limit contact between staff and passengers.
  7. Buffet style dining will no longer be available, however there will be a range of options available to cater to your needs, from hot food served to your table to convenient grab & go offers.

We have designed an infographic which details the safety measures that have been implemented throughout the airport.

View Safety Measures

COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

You can view our COVID-19 safety video and travel guidelines here.


View our full list of COVID-19 related travel FAQs here.

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