View security queue times here.

  • Security in T1 opens at 03:00hrs and remains open until the last departing flight.
  • Security in T2 opens at 03.30hrs and remains open until the last departing flight.
  • We advise passengers to arrive at their terminal 2 hours before their scheduled departure time for short-haul flights, and 3 hours before long-haul flights.
  • If you are checking bags or travelling in a group you should allow more time. Always consult your airline for check-in in desk and bag drop opening hours.
  • You can also view check-in times by airline and by Terminal below. 




Here you will find a quick guide to prepare for check-in and Dublin Airport Security.

Prepare Details

Hand Baggage

hand luggage silver suitcase

All hand baggage will be subject to x-ray screening when going through security.

To ensure you are ready and can pass through security as quickly as possible please check our list of prohibited item and guide on how to prepare liquids.

Hand Baggage Details

Customs & Immigration

passport control signage customs and immigration

Here you will find helpful information on Customs & Immigration at Dublin Airport.

Customs & Immigration Details

Security FAQ's

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Here you will find FAQs on Dublin Airport Security.

Security Details