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Our guide to picking up and dropping off passengers


Dropping off passengers

Dublin Airport provides designated set down zones for anyone wishing to drop off passengers for a flight. These zones are located outside both Terminal 1 & Terminal 2. Motorists should follow signs for T1 Departures or T2 Departures to access these set down areas. Please note for security and passenger safety unattended cars will be towed away immediately.

T1 Depts Drop Off
Meet and Greet Arrivals

Picking up passengers

Should you be picking up passengers please avail of  our short stay Multi Storey Car Parks. These car parks are clearly signposted on approach to both Terminal 1 & 2 and hourly rates start from €3.

Unattended vehicles

For security and passenger safety reasons, vehicles should not be left unattended at any time. Any vehicle left unattended outside a terminal will be either clamped or towed by the airport police. There is a charge of €140 for recovery of the vehicle. If the vehicle is not collected on the day it is removed there is a further €35 charge for each day’s storage.

Unattended Vehicles

Additional Facilities

McDonalds Drive-Thru

Customers can pre-order on four screens in the counter area before collecting their food and going to a table. The restaurant also offers free Wi-Fi internet access to customers

No-H20 Car Valeting Services

The alternative solution to washing your car with water, saving the environment 132 litres of fresh water, as well as protecting the paintwork on your car and giving it a polished protective finish.

Circle K

Circle K features live Departure/Arrival information to keep those travelling up to date. It also has a café and hot food deli, Wi-Fi internet access, electric vehicle charge, car wash and a pay at pump facility.